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A collection of internet companies made with in PR


Beautifully Easy Project Management
Our software will keep your team in sync and focused, so you can get back to work.


Traditional development is broken. Let us help you!
Software design and development in small, iterative cycles. From mobile to scalable web applications, and APIs; no matter how simple or complex, we can help you build your dreams.

Cloud Based Timeclocks provides time and attendance solutions that help companies and organizations save money and increase productivity in Puerto Rico.

The Grunch

Alternative Culture Discovery Platform
A community dedicated to Alternative Culture. The GRUNCH allows people to discover and experience interests that exist outside of mainstream media.


BLEduino: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) made easy
We are dedicated to the development of hardware and software products that make people's lives easier or—at the very least—more enjoyable. Checkout the BLEduino on:

Manage My Nest

Helping property administration
The mission at Manage My Nest™ is to provide innovative services, delivered through digital delivery channels (initially the Cloud), for any form of shared ownership or multi-tenant properties (condos, gated communities, marinas, government housing, commercial buildings, and similar forms of properties).


Puerto Rico first crowdfunding platform. is a rewards-based crowdfunding site that acts as a funnel for inventions that need capital but have not found it in the traditional financial system.

iGenApps Inc.

App Development from Mobile Devices
Have you ever thought of creating your own mobile app? Now there's an app for you. iGenApps™ is a revolutionary way of creating and generating mobile apps. iGenApps is the first and only app that allows you to make your own mobile app without programming and straight from your device! Winner of the International CTIA B!G Idea Contest and Startup Finalist at DEMO 2012, Distilled Intelligence 2.0 and the 12th Founder Showcase.



Create Amazing Apps
We are a company founded in 2012 we provide consulting and technology solutions for our customers. We design and develop, awesome websites and 100% native apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Company growth made simple
We help manage companies growing pains, in areas of: - Talent Management - Talent Sourcing - Leave of Absence


Making Facebook Marketing Easier
Gain provides agencies and marketing teams a collaborative platform to manage their social marketing, from content creation to paid promotion.


Wadhub is a Platform that rewards people for doing the things they already do and love the most; while shopping, recycling, reading, watching TV, dining, socializing, checking-in to places, etc. Points can be redeemed for real life rewards such as gift cards, cash back, valuable offers and donations. Businesses can use it to expand their market reach and revenue by tailoring marketing strategies to their specific needs, while encouraging and rewarding consumers for different actions.


Your business on their smartphone
Kwikly! is a web app that help your businesses get closer to customers by creating and sharing KwikLinks on their customer's smartphones. It's like having their own app that give the customer direct access to the business phone, email, website and it can even drive customers their your door via GPS.


We Make Apps...
We Make Apps and Games for Mobile, Tablets and Personal Computers. Main Product: MoneyClip LITE for Android: It's a digital checkbook with a auto-savings account feature Boli: A Game With Cartoon Balls Qubis: A puzzle game like no other.


Social Marketing Accelerator
Our work transcends social networks but our strategies are always rooted in social insights; the deep understanding of what engages people and what will they share. Whether its selling millions of dollars in airline tickets on Facebook, or establishing a Guinness World Record for most downloads of an Internet browser in one day, our mission over the last decade has been to contribute to the success of leading companies by combining social science and technology in creative ways.


3D Printing Manufacturing Studio
Tredé turns your ideas into plastic. We offer additive manufacturing (3d printing) solutions, workshops, training and digital fabrication consultancy. From 3d printing, designing and manufacturing, we can guide you through the process of product developing or some of its stages.

Brands of Puerto Rico

Ecommerce para todas las marcas boricuas es una herramienta digital para impulsar la economía del País. Nuestra plataforma habilita a emprendedores puertorriqueños a mercadear sus productos al mundo. Nuestra misión es proveerle al empresario boricua herramientas para expandir su mercado. Nuestra visión, cambiar la percepción del mundo sobre las marcas puertorriqueñas.

The Poshpacker

Design-driven Hotelier Booking-site
A new booking site and network designed for a new generation of travelers. We provide the leading directory of the most creative and affordable hoteliers and the renown industry guide covering contemporary travel trends for the millennial lifestyle.


Un Menjunje Creativo
Somos Mampostea'o, una agencia creativa. Diseño Gráfico, Aplicaciones Moviles, Web, Publicidad, Mercadeo y Medios Sociales en arroz y habichuelas.

Sailing Polarized Collection

Manufactureros de la marca, con potencial económico global y ganadora de EnterPRize, SPC polarized sunglasses®, de concepto náutico que mejoran la calidad de vida de quien las usa y a un precio 350% por debajo del de la competencia. Mercado crece 17% anual. 237 playas y todo el año es verano. 2,650,000 personas usan gafas y 550+ centros comerciales. Proyectamos crecimiento 111% anual. Sailing Polarized Collection brinda; salud, seguridad y clase. Buscando; Co-Fundador(a), Inversionista, Socio.


I have been a Craftsman since 2003. I found in glass the most beautiful and fascinating art medium in this world. "A Complete trip". I study lampwork on my own and created my own style. After finishing the beads, I began another trip, to create glass faceted gems. I am also a metalsmith, all the pieces are in fine silver, sterling silver (and / or) gold. It is fascinating to work with such noble and beautiful materials.

The Gamer-Store Inc. Is an online store that offers video games & entertainment products & services for the world. It's the destiny for gamers! Come visit us at

Alternative exterminating

Pest control service ipm

Caribbean Biodiesel Solution, Corp

Energy and Movement To The Future
CBS is a company that efforts to promote recycling,agriculture and foreign raw materials purchase for the production biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerin. Promote the development and use of biodiesel by the integration of projects focused on the social corporate responsibility commitment through innovation, technologies and providing comprehensive solutions focus to every particular need to ensure the environmental security, economic development and the sustainable social growth of our country.


Laser cutting & engraving
We provide laser & engraving services for designer, artists, architects and inventors. We specialize in acrylic manufacturing.

Gbglassgems Jewelry

Lampwork Murano Glass Jewelry Designer
Saludos: In GBGLASSGEMS you will find Murano Glass Jewelry & Fine Silver creations of the Highest Quality. Every piece of art are totally handmade. In a room studio I work by the torch, using *Murano Glass*, pure silver, gold & lapidary equipments to create each Glass Gem. A whole process, but I really love & enjoy every minute on it! Every piece have my own style and glass designs. One of them are tribals with encased bubbles of air in each color. A Lampworker Pasion's is to bring out details.

Surfers PR

Surfing, Bodyboarding from Puerto Rico
All those bodyboarders, surfers and photographers can share that special moment with us and show it to the rest of the world. Puerto Rico. You can download our Mobile App for FREE at:

OrdenaloAqui LLC

No hagas fila, ordena, paga y recoge.
Es una plataforma para ordenar y pagar comida en línea enfocado en los pequeños y medianos comerciantes. Nuestra propósito es brindarle una herramienta de alta calidad a los comerciantes y la oportunidad de competir al mismo nivel o mejor que las mega cadenas en la isla y USA. Todo a un costo súper accesible y sin hacer grandes cambios en la forma que operan los Food Trucks, Cafeterias y Restaurantes.

E&A Business and Technology Consulting

Business and Technology Consultant
Works with clients to develop and implement solutions to support the client’s business requirements. The consultant company will be working on the project's complete life cycle, following approved life‐cycle methodologies, including requirements gathering, system design, development, QA, production, deployment and public relations. Familiar with standard concepts, practices.