New website and podcast

New website and podcast

Today we are happy to announce a brand new This new site is the result of many weeks of planning and collaboration between community members.

This new site has a more content centric design which will allow us to fulfill our mission of keeping the community up to date on all things startup, happening in Puerto Rico.

From the old site we inherited the company directory but updated it to have a startups section and a service provider section. This time around we will only list technology startups and in the service provider section we will list freelancers doing development, design, marketing or any other service a local startup might need.

Along with the new site we are also launching a podcast called “Empresarios con Pablo Tirado“. We hope to bring you a new interview every week with members of our community. Pablo has already started recording shows.

One important new aspect of this site is that it will try to be community resource and as such we will need the help of everyone to fill it with good content. If you are interested in contributing a post, adding your service or company to the directory or adding your community group to the site please contact us and we’ll help you get it done.

Let us know what you think and how we can make it even better.


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    • Giovanni Collazo

      Yes. You’ll be able to register as a “Startup” or “Service Provider” which applies to companies or individuals providing services startups might need.

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