Interview #58 Israel Medina

Interview #58 Israel Medina

I’d like to apologize to my regular listeners for last week. As many of you know I was the MC at this year’s Puerto Rico Tech Summit. It was a great experience, but I wasn’t ready for how much it would take out of me in both time and energy. I’d love to do it again but this time going into it much better prepared.

Today’s episode was supposed to be last week’s episode , as a lead-in to the Tech Summit, since Israel was part of the Parallel 18 showcase. What I’m doing to make up for it, is I’m releasing this week’s episode on thursday in addition to this one; so this week you get two instead of one.

Israel Medina is part of a small elite team of data scientists, serial entrepreneurs, and professional designers, who joined forces to make serious waves in the way you shop for furniture with their app Pair 3d. This is just the first step though to an impressive augmented reality future which is coming sooner than most people think.


I have no idea how I haven’t heard these ladies before. I heard this song and immediately fell in love with it. So here I am sharing it with you. Mayoketchup by Las Amebas. Have fun with it, I sure do.

Artista: Las Amebas
Disco: Entonces Rosaura
Canción: Mayoketchup

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