Interview #56 Darrell Silver

Interview #56 Darrell Silver

As part of a series starting last week with Chente Yrach I’m going to be interviewing one of the Speakers of this year’s PR Tech Summitt on every episode until June 7, the day of the Tech Summit where I will be your master of ceremonies.

Darrell Silver has had a really interesting entrepreneurial path, by fixing the small things that many others simply overlooked or thought didn’t need fixing.

Now with Thinkful he’s providing a path for everyone to get the programming skills that every field needs in the 21st century.


Today’s song is Chongo Blues by Los Bronson. They’re a pretty amazing band who just planned and executed a pretty amazing music festival in Cabo Rojo.

Artista: Los Bronson
Disco: Los Bronson
Canción: Chongo Blues

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