Interview #47 Andy Kuzneski

Interview #47 Andy Kuzneski

I met Andy the same day I interviewed Randy Thompson.
Randy said you have to talk to this guy. At the time I didn’t know anything about him, but I’ve since read up on him, and he is an amazing Angel investor, and entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, that has been in every side of the life of a company.
This one is short and sweet, and with a ton of good stuff in there.


Trying to find new bands for this show brings me to some truly terrible stuff, and to some pretty fun bands. I literally just discovered Bodega Satellite and I think thy’re a ton of fun. Here’s the song Suerte from their aptly named third album Tres.

Artista: Bodega Satellite
Disco: Tres
Canción: Suerte

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P.S. The lovely lady next to Andy is his wife Laurie, who I’m told should be interviewed for an episode of her own.


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