Interview #44 Rob Balder

Interview #44 Rob Balder

Today we’re talking to one of my favorite creators. Rob Balder is the writer of Erfworld, easily one of the best stories on the web right now. Over the years he has built a world around very nerdy concepts and ideas, into a property that has entertained millions. Today we talk about what it is like to live off his writing, by running an incredibly successful web comic. For fans of Erfworld, we did this interview some months ago right before the big Charlie reveal, just so you have an idea of where he was in the context of the comic.


This week’s song is Aún Sigo Vivo by Los Anti-Sociales. These guys have been around for the last 15 years rocking for the love of it. They just released Es Absurdo, last week and it rocks pretty hard. Go to to listen to the rest of it.

Artista: Anti-Sociales
Disco: Es Absurdo
Canción: Aún sigo vivo

P.S. Rob is the Aperture Science tech in the middle.

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