Episode #7: Entrevista con Ken Kay

Episode #7: Entrevista con Ken Kay

This is a long one, but the content was so good I really didn’t know where to cut. As you can tell by now, today’s episode is in English, since our guest is angel investor and San Juan Tech meetup organizer, Ken Kay.

We really go into his entire entrepreneurial history as well as his decision to move to the island, and his efforts to help grow our community. I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do to.


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  1. Jorge Molinari

    Thank you for this excellent podcast Pablo. I really enjoyed Ken’s personal story and his insights into the state of the PR startup community. Turns out I started my career at Abbott Labs and had to spend time in the same North Chicago facility that kickstarted Ken’s entrepreneurial career. Having never heard a local podcast, I have to say I was especially impressed with your moderation and commentary. Excellent work.

    Since you asked for feedback I’ll say I had no problem with the length but found the long song clip at the end kind of out of place. I did enjoy the song, it just seemed odd to have it bundled with a startup podcast. Also, the audio level on Ken’s mic was low and sometimes I had to trouble hearing him through the loud background noise of my car’s A/C! But all in all, this was an excellent Podcast. Thank you very much for putting it together! Now I just need to figure out how to slot all your back episodes with my audiobooks and other podcasts…

    • Pablo Tirado

      First of all; thank you for listening! I love to hear that people are out there, listening to this stuff!

      Now to your points. I recorded the first 14 or so episodes on my old Blue Snowball mic. It’s a decent enough mic, but it’s a mid-end hobby mic at best.
      I’ve since switched to a much more professional setup including lavalier mics and independent channels for the guest and I, but you’re gonna have to tolerate the mediocre audio for about 6 more episodes that have already been recorded, because, although the audio is mediocre, the content is great.
      I can do something about the levels though, and I think it will have been solved for the episode I’m uploading today.

      About the music. I’ve been using songs from different local bands, as I see managing a band not very different from running a startup. Most of them are punk bands, because they’re friends, and I can ask for permission to use their songs without any red tape. I do want to be able to use music from other types of musicians, but I have no budget to pay royalties, so for now it’ll have to be friend’s bands. If you know of anyone with better music industry contacts, I’d love to expand my repertoire.

      Again, thanks for listening!

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