Entrevista #25 Dennis Mortensen

Entrevista #25 Dennis Mortensen

Our guest today Dennis Mortensen is the Founder and CEO of X.AI. They’re building an amazing AI agent which will once and for all completely eliminate the need for the horrible back and forth required of scheduling meetings.

We talked about his story growing up in Denmark, trying his hardest NOT to be an entrepreneur, to the state of artificial intelligence, and a little bit about what’s coming in the future.
This one was a lot of fun.


Today’s song is Abrigo by Similar. It’s melancholic and energetic, and long in a way that lot of music isn’t these days. It tells a story with no lyrics, and I really enjoyed it. A member of the Band Ariel Hernandez is actually also a developer, with whom I have worked before, which makes this pretty much perfect for the podcast.

Artista: Similar
Disco: Reverso
Canción: Abrigo

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