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We Make Apps and Games for Mobile, Tablets and Personal Computers. Main Product: MoneyClip LITE for Android: It’s a digital checkbook with a auto-savings account feature Boli: A Game With Cartoon Balls Qubis: A puzzle game like no other.

Antrocket is a rewards-based crowdfunding site that acts as a funnel for inventions that need capital but have not found it in the traditional financial system.


We make apps that help people work better together. Also companies hire us to help them design and build web and mobile apps. Creating fast and easy to use digital experiences for mobile and the web is what we love to do. Our team specializes in Ember.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, Django, Flask and Swift for iOS and Mac OS X.

Brands of Puerto Rico es una herramienta digital para impulsar la economía del País. Nuestra plataforma habilita a emprendedores puertorriqueños a mercadear sus productos al mundo. Nuestra misión es proveerle al empresario boricua herramientas para expandir su mercado. Nuestra visión, cambiar la percepción del mundo sobre las marcas puertorriqueñas.


Gain provides agencies and marketing teams a collaborative platform to manage their social marketing, from content creation to paid promotion.


HYP3R enables businesses and brands to engage their customers in a meaningful conversation when it matters most.

iGenApps Inc.

Have you ever thought of creating your own mobile app? Now there’s an app for you. iGenApps™ is a revolutionary way of creating and generating mobile apps. iGenApps is the first and only app that allows you to make your own mobile app without programming and straight from your device! Winner of the International CTIA B!G Idea Contest and Startup Finalist at DEMO 2012, Distilled Intelligence 2.0 and the 12th Founder Showcase.


Inbify is a real-time customer experience management platform that enables businesses to provide their customers with a frictionless way to send feedback over native phone features like SMS or MMS.


We are dedicated to the development of hardware and software products that make people’s lives easier or—at the very least—more enjoyable. Checkout the BLEduino on:


We help manage companies growing pains, in areas of: – Talent Management – Talent Sourcing – Leave of Absence

Manage My Nest

The mission at Manage My Nest™ is to provide innovative services, delivered through digital delivery channels (initially the Cloud), for any form of shared ownership or multi-tenant properties (condos, gated communities, marinas, government housing, commercial buildings, and similar forms of properties).


Poshpacker is the world’s number one poshtel booking-site. We offer a curated selection of poshtels, chic b&b’s, art hotels, posh-camping, and more. As recommended by National Geographic, TechCrunch, The Guardian. Our online platform is giving millennials and like-minded travelers a simple, fast and reliable way to discover and instantly book a rising breed of affordable yet wildly creative hoteliers worldwide.


Wadhub is a Platform that rewards people for doing the things they already do and love the most; while shopping, recycling, reading, watching TV, dining, socializing, checking-in to places, etc. Points can be redeemed for real life rewards such as gift cards, cash back, valuable offers and donations. Businesses can use it to expand their market reach and revenue by tailoring marketing strategies to their specific needs, while encouraging and rewarding consumers for different actions.