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Do What You Love

Who we are?

Startups of Puerto Rico is an initiative that wants to empower Puerto Rico's brightest digital designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Shaping new technologies, disrupt old business models, and reseting the boundaries of what is possible. We are a do-ocracy run by the tech community.


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We believe that action is more important than words, so stop talking, sketching, and start building.

We are built on the following values


We thrive on connections and mutual support here. One of the great benefits of the tech community is that you will meet all sorts of people with all sorts of knowledge and everyone is willing to help.


This is an effort of the tech community and not of an individual or company. Because of this, it is important that everyone gives into, as well, as benefit from the community.


Openness and transparency is the best spirit of the community of "free software". When ideas are free, everyone benefits. Therefore, we encourage open discussions. Sorry, no NDAs allowed.